Hang Glider at betterPropaganda

betterPropaganda named Hanglider’s “Ako” in their Song Recommendations for best new music of the week.


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Hang Glider at RVA Magazine

About Hang Glider’s “Ako“, RVA Magazine’s Chris Terry says, “This sounds like L.A. to me–sunny and opulent, but melancholy. It’s an updated version of the reflective drives that Phillip Marlowe would take into the ritzy hills above Los Angeles in Raymond Chandler novels. But this is more like Robert Altman’s swingin’, sun-drenched version of The Long Goodbye than the hard-nosed Humphrey Bogartisms of the original The Big Sleep.”


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Hang Glider

From summits in the Hollywood Hills, one can look south to view LA, or north to see the Valley. Hang Glider, a Los Angeles-based musician, veers south, and from this bird’s-eye vantage point finds inspiration for original songs in women, weather, rhetorical questions, and the landscape of the city itself. A listen to his new self-titled EP reveals a fondness for vintage textures, synthesizers, drums, and assorted bass-heavy things. Truly flying solo, he writes the music and lyrics, plays all of the instruments, sings the spacy vocals, and even records the songs in his home studio. It all adds up to a striking record that compels lovers of new and original music to swoop in for a closer look.

Free Download or Stream of Hang Glider’s first single, “Ako”…
Ako by Hang Glider

Self-titled EP out January 11. Pre-order on the GOODS page.

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