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Dan (designer and webmaster extraordinaire) crushed it. Check it out on the video page.

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Hang Glider “Glide Time” Music Video

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HG on new Crash Avenue compilation “Tympanospam”

Check out Louisville-based indie music PR firm Crash Avenue‘s new compilation, “Tympanospam“.

Among it’s 11 tracks, is Hang Glider’s own “Glide Time“.

They describe Hang Glider as, “polyrhythmic summer afternoons… legit hypnagogic pop”. That sounds like a good time.

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Hang Glider Morning Mix #1

Here’s an all vinyl mix to download or stream and help you glide through your morning.
Hang Glider Morning Mix 01 by Hang Glider

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Hang Glider “The Landings” music video

The very first Hang Glider music video just dropped! It’s “The Landings” and it was directed by Hilton Carter.

One of our very favorite DJs, Cosmo Baker just did the honors of the world premier on his site.

Link to the post on Cosmo’s site above, or if you can’t wait, here it is, embedded from YouTube…

Also on Vimeo.

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“The Landings” music video is about to drop.

The very first Hang Glider music video, directed by Hilton Carter – about to land any day now.

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Hang Glider EP at Insound

Insound, theeee place for picking up indie records and such online, is now carrying the vinyl Hang Glider EP.

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Cosmo Baker on Hang Glider

When the Hang Glider EP came out in January, we sent a copy to one of our favorite DJs, Cosmo Baker. Turns out, Cosmo finally got around to listening to the record and he loves it!

In his own words, “This may be the most exciting thing I’ve heard all year. Hang Glider. So good.”

And on Twitter, with a hashtag and all that good shit, “Discovered my new favorite band tonight #SpaceDontCareBoutYourMistakes

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already hip to Hang Glider, and have a knack for finding some pretty below-the-radar music. For those who need some guidance, it’s nice to have a trusted tastemaker like Cosmo in our corner.

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Hang Glider at Verbicide Magazine

In which the difference is “songwriting and craftsmanship”.

Link to it here.

This debut from Hang Glider is a nice taste of what is to come from this solo project of Mike Puretz. Many will pass over Hang Glider for what people would call an “instant book” in the publishing industry trying to cash in on the chillwave we’ve been experiencing, but the fundamental difference between Hang Glider and the other endless ambient bands out there is songwriting and craftsmanship.

This self-titled EP contains five songs and has movement. The thing that separates Hang Glider from your Washed Outs and your Neon Indians is that Hang Glider actually feels like it starts, builds up, climaxes, then lets you down, much like what hang gliding would feel like. The first song “Glide Time” actually feels like it is starting something, and “The Landings” and “Safety Bars” let you down feeling like you ended your journey. It goes without saying, but the third song in the middle of the EP “Ako” which is the EP’s single feels like you are cruising, gliding, running on fumes.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth for distortion and are sick of aimless “chillwave,” take Hang Glider for a spin and start the new year off with good vibes.

Reviewed by Ian Jones

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